Origin LTSA

Origin APLNG Long Term Services Agreement


Origin Energy


Ongoing LTSA


Surat Basin, QLD




Valmec (now part of Altrad) continues to service its Long Term Services Agreement (LTSA) with Origin Energy Resources Limited on behalf of the Australia Pacific LNG Joint Venture, (APLNG) Project.

Since the contract’s inception in 2016, Valmec has provided specialist technicians, equipment, and parts, within its preventative and corrective maintenance service scope, as well as delivered brownfield construction services to the APLNG Project’s upstream gas compression and power generation assets, located in South West Queensland.

Valmec’s Technicians are responsible for the maintenance, overhaul, and reliability of 16 Compressor Packages across Origin’s Spring Gully operations located north of Roma in Queensland. Each compressor package consists of a G3612 Caterpillar Engine driving an Ariel JGD 6 throw Compressor. In addition to the compressor packages, our Technicians are also involved with maintenance activities on power generation equipment located across each gas plant, as well as the Water Treatment Facility and gathering stations.

Valmec’s LTSA also extends across Origin’s rotating assets located at the Talinga Gas Processing Facility south of Chinchilla and the Peat Gas Processing Facility near Wandoan where our Field Service Technicians also assist with maintaining and overhauling of Origin’s gas compression assets.

In 2020, Valmec renewed the contract with Origin Energy and extended the scope of works to cover Wellsite Maintenance services.

  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Reactive Maintenance Support
  • Inspection, Testing and Certification of Mechanical & Electrical Equipment
  • Gas Compression & Engine Maintenance
  • Wellsite Maintenance
  • Project Management
  • Major Overhauls of Compression Equipment

Valmec has a team of experienced service technicians based on-site at the Spring Gully operation who are familiar with G3600 Caterpillar engines and Ariel JGD Compressor Frames. Our team of supervisors and technicians operate on a 15/13 back-to-back roster 12 months of the year.

Their sound knowledge and understanding of Origin’s Gas Plants, equipment, processes, and procedures allow them to perform their roles and maintain Origin’s assets efficiently and successfully. Each maintenance activity performed is designed to bring each unit back online with minimal disruption to site operations and production.

To support our team at Spring Gully and further add value to Origin’s portfolio of assets in the Surat Basin, our Roma facility provides additional locally-based support technicians, workshop plant overhauls and upgrades, supply chain management, and field services, and operations support.

The diverse knowledge and experience of all our technicians allow Valmec to successfully maintain various equipment on Origin’s facility and wellsite assets.


For Origin Energy to meet their daily targets, all works are to be completed with a strong focus on working safely and efficiently within a live gas plant. The alignment of all preventative maintenance works which is planned and scheduled in conjunction with other site maintenance is critical to ensure minimal impact to all operations and parties. The quality of the service work performed on each of the units is paramount to ensure a high degree of reliability across the plants to eliminate unscheduled shutdowns.