Aurora - EOS Project


ExxonMobil Chemical

Contract Period

18 months (Completed: Sept 2017)


Singapore Butyl and Adhesion (SBA) Plant (Altrad Singapore)



Aurora EOS Project is a portion of the Singapore Butyl and Adhesion (SBA Project). This is another expansion at ExxonMobil Chemical’s petrochemical complex on Jurong Island in Singapore’s southwest. It will produce butyl rubber, a material for tires, and hydrogenated hydrocarbon resins.

Annual output of butyl rubber and the special adhesive resins will reach a respective 140,000 tons and 90,000 tons.

Cape was contracted for the supply and Application of Insulation works for the complete package that was separated by 2 areas – Aurora Area and EOS Area. Similarly, Cape was executing scaffolding package for EOS area (known as Package 2) while the other package was concluded with ExxonMobil’s incumbent contractor.

Project is still on-going and was managed and executed safely & efficiently to date.


Insulation – 80,000 m2
Access – 65,000 m3